Blog: Why Youtube and Why Tesla?

My Youtube channel, CallasEV, came about during the start of quarantine in early 2020. I always enjoyed making funny videos with my friends on YouTube and decided to pick it back up again but with a different purpose. I try to support electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles through content that shares my experiences and offers some knowledge on how these vehicles function. I have only owned my EV for a year and a half, but my liking for EVs had been developing a few years before my purchase. Of course, Tesla is the main influencer in all of this.

The first time I saw a Tesla was early 2013 (my memory is horrible, I could be way off) sometime during my undergrad years. I was at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall in Arizona and parked right by one of the main mall entrances was a Tesla Model S. I can’t recall the color but I really want to say Silver. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the large screen in the center, I have never seen something like this in any car. It looked so high tech and fancy to me then I read the post next to the car and learned it was electric. I also saw the price tag and was shocked at how expensive it was. Nevertheless, the Model S really sparked my interest and I had to learn more. Tesla immediately became my dream car and I started following their journey. I wish I could say I started following them at the start of the roadster but at that time I was so preoccupied studying for tests and trying to figure out what I was suppose to do with my life.

Tesla definitely led me to be a fan of all electric vehicles. If I had the money and space I would love to own a Porsche Taycan, Nissan Leaf and the new Polestar 2! Of course, I am more than satisfied with my Model 3 but when the time comes to purchase an additional vehicle or the need for more space, I will definitely have my heart open for any competitive EV on the market. Though I can’t say no to the new Roadster, a girl can dream.

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