Where can I test drive an electric vehicle?

Polestar Space

I test drive several electric vehicles on my YouTube channel (CallasEV) and I always suggest for you to go on a test drive. Sometimes I get asked how someone can get a test drive or where to go for one. The first thought is to go to the dealership directly, but sometimes you don’t want to be pulled into buying a car, you just want to experience it risk-free. The good news is more automakers are now building “spaces” or “studios” where you can easily walk into the store and view the car or sign up for a test drive online. Here are some ways you can test drive an EV.

The first is visiting a physical studio/showroom/space. Many of these showrooms are located in shopping malls. Tesla, Lucid, and Polestar all use these spaces to showcase their vehicles. These areas are convenient; they have a vehicle to sit in and look at. They also offer a close look at the various interior and exterior features you can choose from. Most importantly you can test drive the different models they have available. You can either sign up for a test drive online through their website or go in and sign up in person. 

My next go-to is Turo (I am not sponsored by Turo, unfortunately). Turo is an app where people can rent their vehicles, it is kind of like Airbnb where people rent out their homes but Turo is for cars. Currently, the app is saturated with Tesla’s so if you’re interested in test driving a Tesla there is no need to worry about not finding one. I have rented a few cars on this app, including the Chevy Bolt and the Mustang Mach-E. This is a great option if you want to experience a test drive for more than a day and get your family’s and friend’s opinions. This option will also allow you the time to go charge the vehicle and get a better sense of how the vehicle will fit your daily schedule. If your searching through the app makes sure to filter your search by “electric.” 

Sometimes automakers will host a roadshow. The first time I test drove a Tesla was through one of these events. Tesla is not hosting any events like this right now, however, Volkswagen is. You can sign up for a VW ID.4 test drive through their roadshow event. They started at the beginning of the year so hopefully, you didn’t miss one in your area. I came across the ID.4 event through a Facebook ad, otherwise, I would have missed it. If there are a few vehicles you are interested in, your best bet may be to follow them on social media or sign up for their newsletter to find out about their upcoming test-driving events. Of course, if there are ever any events coming up, I’ll share them as well! 

Lastly, two national events promote electric vehicle education. These are National Drive Electric Week which occurs in the fall (September/October) and Drive Electric Earth Day which is celebrated through April. During these two campaigns, many events are hosted in-person in different states. This is an opportunity for people to bring their EVs and share their experiences with others as well as a chance to test-drive electric cars!  These events are free and are always a great option to learn from owners themselves. 

Visit the “Test Drive an Electric Vehicle” tab on my webpage for a list of upcoming events. I try to update it as I discover new test driving opportunities.

Now that you have options for EV test drives, what are you waiting for? Go for that test drive, I guarantee whichever electric vehicle you end up choosing you will love. 

Happy Charging! 

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