What I pay for car insurance in my Tesla SR+ and other costs

Several people have commented on my YouTube video’s asking, “What are your Tesla insurance costs, what are your total costs for your SR+?.” I struggle a little in responding to some of these comments as it just depends. I know, no one likes to hear the “it depends” response but it’s true. Car insurance depends on your age, where you live, your driving history and what vehicle you are insuring. However, I understand that many people ask just to get a feel of what other people pay or just want to know the range of what others are paying for their insurance on a Tesla. Here is my personal experience with my 2019 standard range plus. 

I live in Arizona and insure with Progressive. I chose a plan with a $1,000 deductible for collision and pay $112.50 a month. My insurance premium hasn’t gone up even after my not at fault accidents which I talk about in “My Tesla was hit 4 times!” video. As for other costs, this is Arizona’s  reduced vehicle license tax: 

The vehicle license tax (VLT) for an AFV is changed to a rate of $4 per $100 of assessed valuation, which is determined by the following:

  • For the first year, the assessed value is 1-percent of the factory list price (FLP) of the AFV.
  • For subsequent years, the assessed value is depreciated 15-percent each year.
  • The minimum VLT for an AFV registration is $5.

My maintenance bill so far just consists of A/C filters. I go to my local tire shop for free tire rotation and haven’t needed to refill my wiper fluid just yet. I also need to change out my windshield wipers soon. 

I charge my vehicle for free at Blink chargers near my workplace. I charge here maybe 1-2 times a week. If I don’t charge there, I charge at home overnight which honestly only has increased my bill by a few dollars. I did a video explaining in more detail my electricity costs in “My electricity bills!” video. I am lucky to have Arizona’s SRP utility company that offers incentives for EV drivers as well as EV rates where at certain times of the day/night the electric use rate is cheaper. For example, in November the price per kWh from 12am-5am is 5.75 cents. Therefore I set my car to charge only between those times. 

I am very happy with the money I am saving driving an electric car.

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