Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: The mission of EERE is to create and sustain American leadership in the transition to a global clean energy economy. Its vision is a strong and prosperous America powered by clean, affordable, and secure energy. Fuel Economy: The official U.S. government source for fuel economy information.

Electric Auto Association: North America’s leading volunteer organization that accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles by supporting its 80 chapters and thousands of members as they talk neighbor-to-neighbor about the benefits of driving electric.  

Plug in America: Plug In America is a non-profit, supporter-driven advocacy group. We are the voice of plug-in vehicle drivers across the country. Our mission is to drive change to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Plug Star: Shop and compare electric vehicles and learn about charging and upcoming events.

Reddit-EV news and products: Forum that discusses everything to do with electric cars, hybrid cars and electric vehicles – the Reddit community for EV enthusiasts!