My Model 3 charged off a piece of history: Avcon

I did a video titled, “Charge your EV around the World“, where I described the current charging connectors electric vehicles use in different areas of the world. In that video I talked a little bit about one of the first charging connectors from Avcon and Magnecharge. Avcon was the original version of the J1772 connector. They are no longer used since the current version of the J-connector became the standard, however there are still some Avcon and Magnecharge stations around. Almost all of them have been replaced by other charging companies like Blink and ChargePoint. As an experiment I purchased an Avcon to NEMA 14-50 adaptor. Fortunately it worked! Well sort of. The first night I tested it out it was charging my Model 3, then when I went back the next day to film it was giving me some difficulties. It was a quick fun video to make! Watch the video now on my channel.

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