The chart below outlines new fully electric vehicles available in the United States. It does not include PHEV models. Click on the Model name to be directed to that vehicles webpage. Find more information on federal tax credits for electric vehicles at The final row titled “Calla’s Review on the vehicle” references CallasEV YouTube channel. [List curated by CallasEV. Notice an error? Please email me at]

New Battery Electric Vehicles Available to Purchase Now in the United States [Last updated 9/2021]

MakeModelYearRange [*scale based on trim levels available]Price [*scale based on trim levels available]Federal tax credit available (up to $7,500)?Calla’s Review on the vehicle
2021222 mi (EPA est.)$65,900 – $79,100YesNot Available
AudiQ4 e-tron
2022250 miStarting at $43,900YesNot Available
AudiQ4 e-tron Sportback
2022241 miStarting at $52,700YesNot Available
Audie-tron GT
2022220 mi$99,900 – $140,945YesNot Available
2021153 mi (EPA est.)$44,450 – $47,650YesYes! *PHEV version modeled in the video
ChevroletBolt EV
2022259 mi (EPA est.)Starting at $31,000NoYes!
ChevroletBolt EUV
2022247 mi (EPA est.)Starting at $33,000NoNot Available
FordMustang Mach-E
2021230 mi – 305 mi (EPA est.)$42,895 – $60,500YesYes!
HyundaiIONIQ Electric
2021170 mi (EPA est.)$33,245 – $38,615YesNot Available
HyundaiIONIQ 5
2022269-300 mi estimatedTBAYesNot Available
2022258 mi (EPA est.)$34,000 – $45,600YesNot Available
JaguarI-PACE2022222 mi (EPA est.)$69,900 – $80,900YesYes!
KiaNiro Electric
2022239 mi (EPA est.)$39,990 – $44,590YesNot Available
Lucid MotorsAir
2022405mi – 520mi (EPA est.)$77,400-$169,000YesNot Available
MiniCooper SE
2021110 mi (EPA est.)$30,750 – $37,740YesNot Available
NissanLeaf S
2021226 mi (EPA est.)$31,620 – $43,920YesYes!
2021233 mi (EPA est.)$59,900YesNot Available
2021199 mi – 227 mi (EPA est.)$103,800 – $185,00YesNot Available
2022314 mi (EPA est.)$67,500YesNot Available
TeslaModel S
2022396 mi -405 mi (EPA est.)$89,900 – $129,990NoIn Spanish
TeslaModel 3
2022262 mi – 353 mi (EPA est.)$39,990 – $56,990NoYes!
TeslaModel X
2022340 mi – 360 mi (EPA est.)$99,990-$119,990NoYes!
TeslaModel Y
2022303 mi – 326 mi (EPA est.)$53,990 – $60,990NoYes!
VolvoXC40 Recharge
2022223 mi (EPA est.)$53,300YesYes!
2021250 (EPA est.)$39,995YesYes!