Kingman, AZ – Get Your Electric Charge on Route 66

Kingman, AZ had their grand opening of a new set of Tesla Superchargers on January 22nd, 2022. Kingman is a popular stop for travelers going to and from Las Vegas and Phoenix. These chargers are situated in the same parking lot as the AZ Route 66 Museum (Powerhouse). The older Tesla Supercharging location which is still active is located near a Carl’s Jr. right off the highway. In 2014, The Historical Electric Vehicle Foundation opened its first international electric vehicle museum at the Powerhouse Building in Kingman1. A variety of vehicles are displayed including new and old electric cars and electric car chargers. The City of Kingman recently purchased an additional building to expand the electric car museum2. The new museum will be located one block off Route 66. The city plans to fit several more EVs and create an interactive experience. Kingman hopes the stations will bolster revenue to the local area.  

During the event the city raffled off custom made pins with a Tesla under the Route 66 logo as well as Tesla mugs. If you are traveling through Kingman, make sure to stop at the museum and take a photo with the large drive-thru Route 66 sign.  

Learn more about the grand opening event on The Bee news Facebook page and stay tuned on the upcoming expansion of the electric vehicle museum with the Kingman Economic Development Facebook page.  

-Happy Charging! 





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