Drive Electric Earth Day

Drive Electric Earth Day will be celebrated all month long in April. What is this event? It is a national campaign to share information about electric vehicles. This is an opportunity to attend an online event or attend an in-person event. If you are a current EV owner, you can register at a local event to display your vehicle and share your experience and knowledge about the car with others. If you are looking into buying an EV or learn more about EVs and the environment, you can register for several online informational sessions. You might also have the option to attend in person events to talk to current owners and possibly test drive a few vehicles. I have attended a few events in the past including National Drive Electric Week in September. This occasion is a great opportunity to learn and contribute to your community! 

Check this webpage out to look for events in your area or online

Looks like there are already a good list of upcoming events. They are free to attend! 

Thanks for reading, Happy Charging!

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