CallasEV featured in InsideEVs

Check out the article by InsideEVs which features the Tesla 400 Mile Race: SR+ vs LR Youtube video.

Read the article here or click on the photo:

This was a such a fun video to shoot! The idea for the race video was on our minds for a while and the opportunity to do this drive finally came during the three day holiday weekend in September. At the end of the video I explain the outcome and summarize the numbers. My biggest fault was arriving at charging stations with a high battery percentage. Tesla’s navigation likes to be very cautious and estimates accordingly, however that day I felt the maps were not working correctly as it didn’t acknowledge some of the charging stations I stopped at. As a result, I charged longer than I needed. If I were to do this race again I’d choose a longer route and compare the estimates with both Tesla’s navigation and from a Better Route Planner. I hope the video was helpful for potential Tesla owners deciding between the standard range plus and the long range.

Happy Charging!

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