What it Costs to Charge my EV at Home

Charging your electric vehicle at home is where the majority of your charging will be done. It’s generally cheaper to charge overnight since many utility companies provide lower rates when the electricity demand is lowest. The U.S. Department of Energy gives an example to calculate the cost per mile of an EV: “If electricity costs

What I pay for car insurance in my Tesla SR+ and other costs

Several people have commented on my YouTube video’s asking, “What are your Tesla insurance costs, what are your total costs for your SR+?.” I struggle a little in responding to some of these comments as it just depends. I know, no one likes to hear the “it depends” response but it’s true. Car insurance depends

My Model 3 charged off a piece of history: Avcon

I did a video titled, “Charge your EV around the World“, where I described the current charging connectors electric vehicles use in different areas of the world. In that video I talked a little bit about one of the first charging connectors from Avcon and Magnecharge. Avcon was the original version of the J1772 connector.

National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week is September 26th-October 4th, 2020! Many in person events have been moved online. Check out the 2020 Drive Electric week for information on events in your area. Last year I was fortunate enough to attend two events in my state. It was a good time getting to talk to other EV

Blog: Why Youtube and Why Tesla?

My Youtube channel, CallasEV, came about during the start of quarantine in early 2020. I always enjoyed making funny videos with my friends on YouTube and decided to pick it back up again but with a different purpose. I try to support electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles through content that shares my experiences and