Our Story

Founded in 2020, CallasEV is all about increasing awareness of electric vehicles (EV). The development and introduction of electric vehicles has been ramping up over the past few years . As the infrastructure and planning of EVs widens so does the equity gap. It is important to consider the affordability, accessibility and awareness of electric vehicles. At CallasEV we create content, provide resources, offer education about EVs and advocate for an equitable electrification in communities.

Meet the Team

Calla is the heart of CallasEV. She is our mascot and makes celebrity appearances on several YouTube videos. Calla specializes in reviewing toy cars by giving them a lick of approval. She also loves car rides!

Lorraine is a partner of CallasEV and is the host of the Youtube channel, CallasEV. Lorraine is the owner of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus that she named Smaug. Her favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, hence where the name for the car came from. Lorraine has a passion for public health which has led the way for her to obtain her masters in public health (MPH). With this she continues her work on prevention and awareness around health and equity.

Alex is a partner of CallasEV and is the owner of a Tesla Model 3 LR. Alex has a degree in computer technology and enjoys keeping up with all things technology. He is excited and optimistic for the future of self-driving vehicles. Alex supports and works with the CallasEV YouTube channel.