About CallasEV

Calla has a fascination for electric cars. We’re setting out to make sure that she can see and review them all! We hope to provide some insight in owning an Electric Vehicle (EV) and support the adaptation of EVs and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). Lorraine blogs about her experiences and highlights others who are willing to share their story. As we continue to further the reach, we hope that CallasEV.com can provide some resources on EVs and PHEVs as well as creating a space for other owners, enthusiasts, supporters and advocates to share their experiences too.


Calla was born on March 2018. She enjoys kiddie pools but doesn’t like baths. Calla will put her paw up for a shake or simply to hold hands and receive pats and scratches. She stars in “Calla Reviews Toy Cars” segment on YouTube where she helps Lorraine unbox toy cars and evaluates them with a lick or bite of approval. Her hobbies include running around in the backyard and chasing birds and lizards. On her downtime she takes naps and chews on slippers.


Lorraine is the owner of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus that she named Smaug. Her favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, hence where the name for the car came from. She is a supporter of getting more electric vehicles on the road and with that comes support for the environment. Lorraine has a passion for public health which has led the way for her to obtain her masters in public health (MPH). With this she continues her work on prevention and awareness around health and equity.